Friday, December 17, 2010


So i've been battling this cold/flu for about a week, which been putting a hamper to my turbo kick/p90x workout schedule.  in addition, i've felt so bad since last weekend that i ended up having to miss a week's worth of work.  i feel horrible because the students will be out for Christmas break next week and I'm hoping that they will not feel as if I've neglected them for not having come checked on them and their families.

In addition, due to having been on my back due to this virus, I've also been feeling like a neglectful mother to my baby boy.  It's more that I don't want to get him as sick as I've been, so luckily my hubby has been so patient and helpful in taking care of the BOTH of us this week.  to make things more complicated, our little guy has been having a runny nose since last weekend as well.

On more exciting news, I've been continuing w/ my daily doses of Shakeology which is still surprisingly delicious to me.  I just keep hearing wonderful things about this meal replacement, that I HAD to try it.  even better, Justin's willing to try it w/ me :)  So far I can't really tell if there are any changes w/in because I've been feeling like crap all week.  Justin on the other hand says he's been feeling great and more energetic.  I've been so proud of him lately, b/c he's been really pushing it w/ p90x despite me being out for commission.  This morning we were even talking about attending the event in Santa Monica in which we would get to work out w/ Tony Horton...THE p90x coach himself!

Well...back to laying on the couch for me.  I cannot stand to be sick for this coming weekend...I want out already!

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