Thursday, December 16, 2010

...another beginning

so here i am back in the blogging world, which has always been of great comfort to me back in my college and grad school days.  i honestly, don't know how well i will keep up with this blog, but i figure that it will be a nice place to come to when there are times that i just need a "safe place" to turn to.

as the year is coming to a close i know that i have much to be thankful for.  that includes my health, my family, and especially my husband and 13 month old son.  many changes have come, which includes my husband's recovery from his alcoholism, his transition from the military world to a civilian,  my son's transition into toddlerhood,our journey as Christians and rebuilding our relationship with God, and the many ventures that we are setting out to do.

all in all i'd have to say that 2010 has been a wonderful year.  i can only look to the future for an even better tomorrow.

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