Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Ambition (on the side)

after 3 weeks of being sick with a sinus infection and then taking a week vacation...i'm finally back at work.  although i was dreading it towards the end of the holidays, i'm actually feeling back to "normal" after being in the office for two days.  sometimes i wonder if i can be a stay at home mom, although one day it's something i would ultimately love to do since my son is still so young and i still have hopes of having more little ones to keep him company.

towards the beginning of december, i decided to take the first step in pursuing my ambition of hoping to at least work part time outside of the home in the near future.  not really a big deal, but i joined a side business through the recommendation of a graduate school friend who is now a beachbody coach.  i had been eyeing her posts on facebook as i had been familiar with team beachbody.  i had originally started taking their turbo kickboxing classes back when i was in graduate school to lose the weight that i had accumulated from partying my a** off.  i loved tkb b/c it was high energy and the weight seemed to melt off.

well now after having a child...the baby weight is still here over a year later.  unfortunately i don't have the time or the motivation to make it to the gym anymore.  so i figured "home workouts".  and now here i am doing TurboFire.  I figure I can keep it up if i "just keep pushing play" as they always say in the dvds.

So far so good, i'm in my second week of TurboFire and my hubby says he can already see a difference in my belly.  I still don't notice it although I've been feeling great and not only that very sore.  But we'll see.  I'll post some "before and after" pics after 30 days.  and then comes the home business.  repping for the beachbody products.  i admit i'm not a great salesperson nor do i have even the slightest desire to sell.  honestly sales people really annoy me.  and it honestly kinda irks me when i see other beachbody coaches posting over and over the wonders of beachbody products and what not.  i dunno...just turns me off.

however i'm pretty determined to stick to this side business.  more so because i feel as long as i'm a coach i can stick to being motivated to getting myself back into shape.  i also figure the more my paychecks climb in the long run the better it'll be for my family and my time with my baby(ies).  we'll see in due time i guess.  i've always wanted to get into a side business anyhow.  and what's more perfect than being a coach, since i had always had the inner desire to be a fitness instructor however am horrible at public speaking :PPP  all in due time i suppose.  just waiting for things to unravel.  for the time being i plan to stick to my workouts and keep staying motivated and focused.

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  1. Hello from The Blog Frog….thank you for commenting on my discussion started there, “Please Share Your Blog and Link”. I stand by my word and I’m visiting each blog from that discussion.

    Anywho, I understand where you're coming from on the sinus infection...mine turned into bronchitis, now pneumonia...for the past 5 weeks and no matter what I do, it's not improving AT ALL. Although, I'm remaining optimistic..lol!

    I think you'll do well with the new business venture. You seem to have the obvious drive needed to succeed in anything, let alone a business as this nature. Be very proud of yourself for pursuing something as new and exciting as this! That's so awesome...good for you!

    It's very nice to meet you and I’m now your 9th follower of your blog! :) I look forward to reading more here! You’re always welcome to visit me anytime too at http://improvelife4ever.blogspot.com.

    See you again soon!

    Many Blessings and Wishing The Best Of Luck With Your New Adventure In Your Business :)